Heroes and serious

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Heroes and serious

Post  Juok on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:07 am

o.k guys, after getting my BP to hero, and got the money i needed.
I opened a char name Juoker.
Juoker is gonna be our main dmg dealer in the guild =]
ull see in a mounth how good im gonna be, mounth or 2 lol =]
o.k so.. this is how it goes:
I NEED\WANT all the main chars on the guild to be Heroes as fast as possible!!!
i got sooo goood ideas for us, and I must fullfill the best i hope for our guild,
120 sets and ancient weapons ppl!!!!
we need blades, RMs, YJ, Rangers, BPs, 1vs1Knights,Psys. Choose ur char, make ur main, make a PD hero!

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