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Secret Rooms

Post  Juok on Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:39 pm

SR also known as Secret Rooms, is a guild mession..
there r 2 SR, thou we will try only 1, the best 1 xD
PVM is the main factor in this SR, the guild will counter all Forsaken Tower GIANTS from lvl b1 till lvl b6 (after b5 we have the actiuall secret room).
all mobs are like normal forsaken tower thou now all r giants.
PD will go west SR only when we have 9 HEROES + LEADER = me.
we need 2 tankers, 2 RMs healers... and all other are dmg dealers..
the fastest guild to finish the tower win!
work hard.. the reward of the west secret room is occupying the RC VENDOR, meaning we will be the only guild who can buy Red Chips for 200k penya from the NPC in darkon xD
we can buy at 200k and resell for 250 xD..
uber money making machine xD

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